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Dell E6530 : Touchpad Drivers + Nvidia Card


(Sorry for my English)

I recently purchased a Dell Latitude E6530 Laptop. Unfortunately, I have a problem with the Driver for the TouchPad. And this problem is present whether it is an installation via Windows Update (Windows 10) or manually with the driver provided on the Dell site (Input_Driver_YXX3D_WN32_10.1207.101.109_A03.exe).

Once installed, every time I turn on my PC, a box is directly displayed on my desktop with the following message:

"You must have administrator rights to delete this file." I have the choice between: "Confirm", "Ignore" or "Cancel" with a checkbox "Do this for all elements".

I have that every time I start, no matter what I do. I do not understand why because I do not even request the deletion of these files. Not only to bother me every time I start the PC, it is impossible after me to run the scroll with the middle click.

Here is the list of all the files he wants me to delete:

- Apoint.dll

- Apinfo.dll

- ApInst.dll

- ApMouCpl.dll

- ApMsgFwd.exe

- ApntEx.exe

- ApSearch.dll

- ApTaskLink.xml

- Dell.Framework.Library.dll

- DellTouchpad.exe

- DellPad.exe

- Elprop.dll

- EzAuto.dll

- hidfind.exe

- HidMonitorSvc.exe

- Uninstop.exe

- Data folder

The most disturbing thing about this is that on my other laptop Dell Latitude E6510, I have no worries, it is directly installed via Windows Update and it works directly. Why do I have problems with the E6530 and not the E6510?

What should I do to remedy this problem?

I also have a question about my graphics card. I have in my Dell E6530 an Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics card and a Nvidia NVS 5200M. Only the Intel HD 3000 takes over the Nvidia. Is it possible to reverse this and that the NVS 5200M is taken into account by the screen and not the Intel HD 3000? Again, on my Dell E6510, I do not have this worry, it's directly the NVS 3100M which is not taken into account the built-in graphics. Why? I do not know...

In advance, I thank you for the help you can bring me.

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RE: Dell E6530 : Touchpad Drivers + Nvidia Card

I would guess that the drivers are stuck trying to be uninstalled or upgraded after they're running which gives the you need administrative permissions error even if you have them, have you tried to kill the process and manually delete them? They sound like they're set to be deleted in the run during next restart list, but they might refuse to unload from ram even with a restart thanks to microsoft's FastBoot so it might need to be disabled temporarily too. (Half a dozen other possibilities but that's the most common place to start.)

The Video Card question however should be easy if your 6530 is like my 6430 (mine has the NVS 5200M and a HD4000) - all it takes is disabling the optimus option in your BIOS, assuming Dell made that setting changeable from the menu, My previous XPS17 didn't but my 6430 does. Runs tons faster, only downside is you loose Native Miracasting and and can only use two monitors at a time, I think the Laptop LCD being one of them, using an external monitor if you have an HDMI or VGA port I think should also get the same experience as I think it hooks directly up to 5200. At least that's how my Nvidia/Intel XPS laptop behaved.

(Optimus is far from mature enough IMHO, nVidia's recommendation of using the drivers to decide what's the default GPU is negated by how much it's slowed down with an intel card running in between it and the monitor, drivers or hardware? maybe both).

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RE: Dell E6530 : Touchpad Drivers + Nvidia Card


Thank you very much for your answer.

Regarding the message that was displayed at each startup, it was due to a conflict between the pilot of the Touchpad and that of Nvidia. This problem was caused by the Nvidia version "ODE", by installing the version "QNF", the problem has disappeared.

Thank you for your help with the graphics card. I had the Optimus option and by disabling it, my NVS 5200M was supported before Intel HD.

The Optimus option therefore means that the Intel HD is always privileged except when an application requires a lot of graphics resources, in which case the Nvidia takes over?

Thank you again for your help!

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