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Dell E7440 says it's charging but not charging [solved]

I'm coming through with this issue because I saw so many people (including dell tech support) struggling with this issue before.

The issue is as follows: you connect your laptop to the charger, the charging light goes on, windows says "charging", even the BIOS says charging, and yet, the battery's voltage just keeps going down no matter what you do about it..

Dell tech support usually try to guide you to reset the BIOS battery by removing the main battery and press the power button. but it's not the case here.

The solution I found was a very strange one, changing the RAM slot seemed to solve the issue completely.

Just taking the RAM card from one slot to the other. on one slot it's stopping your laptop from charging, on the other everything is good.

I honestly don't know why that is (and I'm a PC technician myself),  considering the laptop ships with two perfectly good RAM slots, but I thought the solution needs to be out there.

I'm hoping I managed to help some of you, (Even with my less then perfect English)

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