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RE: Dell Foundation Services and Dell Support Software Crashing Laptop

DrMaFu, the GUID number being referenced is for a Recovery Partition.  It is looking at partitions 4,5 and 6.  You might look at your Disk Management window to see what those partitons are.  Keep in mind, there is a hidden partition just in front of the OS partition so it counts as an additional partition.

The WinRETools is normally in a 450 MB partition but it says the label does not match.

If you have upgraded from a prior OS or even a prior Win 10 install, the required partitions may have been changed.  If you changed the OEM drive configuration, that might be involved.

I am not an expert at looking at these logs and can only guess what it means.  Maybe if you would attach a picture of your Disk Management picture , it might help.


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