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Dell Insipiron 15 3000 Series Hard Drive failure?

Okay, so, this requires a bit of backstory.

A couple months ago, I was just using my laptop, and bam.

Everything froze. I had to hard shut down and rebooted it to a screen that said: "hard drive not installed."

So after being on tech support, they came to the conclusion it needed a replacement. So I did that.

A month later, a few nights ago, same thing happens. I noticed strange beeping noises coming from the laptop a few hours before, and while working, it froze, I rebooted it, and same screen.

What I know is that something it frying my hard drive. I don't know the why, though. I plan on taking it back in tomorrow, to one again replace the hard drive, and hopefully find the source of the problem. But I don't even know where to begin on why. Any thoughts on why a brand new hard drive, used for barely a month would just commit suicide, out of the blue?

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