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Dell Insperion Laptop Will Not Boot

As I have seen posted by others, my Dell Insperion will not boot. I was able to get Error Code 2000-0142 (which I see is Hard Drive Failure) as well as a validation code and message. 

It seems like there are a lot of problems out of the Dell Insperion - this laptop really has been gently used; I am really surprised the HD took a dive.

Is this laptop now a fairly expensive piece of junk - or is there some hope?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can provide some insight.

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RE: Dell Insperion Laptop Will Not Boot


Thank you for reaching us.

Sorry to hear the machine not booting up. Let us see what best can be done to get this straightened up at the earliest.

Can you please send a private message with the computer's service tag, error message with the validation code?

To send a private message, click on my name and click start conversation.

Thank you

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