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Dell Inspiron 14 5459 not starting up


I have a Dell Inspiron 14 5459, core i7, 4GB RAM,

The laptop runs Ubuntu GNOME 17.04.

I always used to get random full freezes and I had to do a forced shutdown.

Most of the times the laptop doesn't turn on, the screen is blank and the power indicator flashes like so:

Two times Orange and four times White. This keeps on going until I turn off the laptop.

I had to wait a while (maybe half a hour) only then it will turn on normally.

Recently, when the laptop froze, I couldn't turn it on even after 12 hours (happened at night, tired to turn on in the morning), I waited for 40 minutes - 1 hour but it still didn't turn on, the power indicator kept on flashing.

So I tried to do a hard reset by removing the AC adapter, battery and the button cell and I pressed and hold the power button for 1 minute or so.

After putting back all the things and when I tried to turn it on, the laptop still shows a blank screen, but the fan goes full speed and the power indicator flashes two times orange and four times white. I tried may ways like AC power only or battery powered only but ended up with the same result.

Can someone tell me what the flashing power indicator means? And how to fix it?


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RE: Dell Inspiron 14 5459 not starting up

Hi JohnSnow1800,

Thank you for writing to us.

The system LED on this system is not a diagnostics indicator. What is the status of the CAPS Lock, when you press it when the system power light is flashing? Can you try to run the on-board diagnostics <F12> or boot into the BIOS <F2>?

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