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Dell Inspiron 14R 5421 - Windows 8 product key & installation support required..!


I purchased a Dell Laptop Inspiron 14R 5421 (Windows 😎 in 2013. I used it for 4  years without any issue only until last month i had a problem of the laptop not starting (only DELL logo appearing). I ran the F12 diagnostics & it found a problem in Hard ware. I took it to a local service center (not authorised) in India & they formatted the hard drive. Post which, they installed a temporary windows 8 software & asked me NOT TO UPDATE. Now my laptop does not have the normal factory configuration & i have lost all dell diagnostics support & windows apps which were factory installed. I need to install a clean version of Windows 7 or 8. Can anyone guide me how to do this? I understand that the product key is encrypted by Dell in BIOS for all machines after 2012 or something.

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