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Dell Inspiron 15 (5537), Loud combo audio/microphone, white noise

Hi, Hello community.

Been really enjoying this product, have the i7 4500U, Radeon R9 M265X (2GB GDDR5), 8GB DDR3, FullHD version. It's really snappy and a good value, once you put a extra SSD inside. Really a good buy.

One annoying problem, tho. It's been many years, since this computer has come out and a few motherboard changes thru warranty, many RealTek and native Windows audio drivers, but still the combo audio/mic jack produces a unbearably loud white noise. This is unacceptable. For all who'll try to hint me to other threads in this community forum, I read them all, I tried every solution and nothing helped. I am not asking for help. i am demanding a software fix for this problem. Please, do not recommend me buying a external sound card or USB Headset. Just, dell, please give me a fix.

Love your product and, just to say, this is the first time I have problems with one of your products. Will stay committed, but, please fix this.

Thank you.

Regards from Latvia

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