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Dell Inspiron 15 5547 Issue

Dell Inspiron 15 5547 Laptop issue... I bought this laptop in the month of December 2014 and I have warranty up to December 2015. Last week I noticed a damage at the right side corner of the laptop just below LAN port. Its just because of a screw. There was no screw and I din't noticed it till last week. Yesterday when I called customer service they said like they will not cover it under warranty and we have to pay for it in-order to get it repaired. I explained them it was damaged because there was no screw.
When I went through forums for this laptop in dell support website, every post is regarding this issue.
I don't know what to do. If I get this laptop repaired what if this same issue arise again. They will not give any warranty for this. This is not a physical damage. This just the mistake by the DELL. 
I never faced this issue with Lenovo, When previous laptop had an issue same like this they repaired it for free of cost.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 5547 Issue


Thank you for writing to us!

Kindly send the pictures of the damage.

This cant be a quality issue as all Dell Manufactured system go through multiple quality checks before it gets boxed.If there was a problem because of a screw or a design faulty as you suggest there would have been an issue when you purchased the system and not over usage.

All damages are not covered under warranty and there will be a charge to fix the issue.



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