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Dell Inspiron 15-5547 sometimes won't boot up!


So this happened only recently, after I installed a fresh copy of Windows 10.  Sometimes, when waking the laptop up from sleep or turning it on from a powered off state, or even turning it off, the keyboard Backlight lights up, but there is no other activity.

Hard drive isn't running, fans aren't going, nothing.  It seems to be off, but with a backlight.  I feel like this is a motherboard issue, since Dell replaced that recently.  I don't believe Dell would replace it again, as it is out of warranty and that was an exception.

I force the computer off (until the backlight turns off) and then I turn it on again, and it boots normally.

In addition to this, this motherboard's boot screen seems to be older than the original.  It doesn't have a white Dell logo with the Windows 8-10 loading circle.  Instead, it has a blue Dell logo with an older-styled blue loading bar.  I believe Dell gave me a bad motherboard.

Is there any way to fix these things?  BIOS is updated, drivers are up to date, etc.


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RE: Dell Inspiron 15-5547 sometimes won't boot up!


Thank you for writing to us!

This could be a hardware failure we would suggest that you run complete diagnostics on the system.

Kindly private message the service tag and the email address.



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