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Dell Inspiron 15 5567 charger port broken


The charger port in my Inspiron has become broken over time, due to the charger that was sent with my laptop not working properly, (Where when the charger is plugged in, it comes up with a message saying that it's plugged in, but not charging. During that time as well, the plastic bits inside of the charger port has come out, leaving only the two tiny metal bits that the plastic covered. It still charged my laptop when i got the charger to work. Since a few weeks ago, when the charger completely broke, I left it alone and used a spare laptop. A new charger finally came for my laptop and it does not accept any charger whatsoever. Not even showing the LED that it is charging. My laptop still has warranty, but I don't know whether this would be covered. Can anyone help?

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 5567 charger port broken

It'll be deemed abuse/accidental damage - the warranty will not cover the repair.

If you can replace the part yourself, it's this one:


If you can't, a local computer repair shop can replace it - costing about an hour's labor charge.

You're better off with a reputable local shop that charges by time -- not one of the big chains (Staples, Best Buy, or even Dell) that charge a flat rate for the repair.  Flat-rate will almost certainly cost more.

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