Dell Inspiron 15 5576/When Is The Next Dell Vendor Specific Driver?How Long Do I Have to Wait?

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I cannot get any of the AMD drivers from AMD to work on my laptop

I currently only know of the Dell Baffin Chipset drivers for my model laptop to work..

But to seek out and find the current Radon 17.11.1 drivers too, is frustrating....I am pulling my hair out and grinding my teeth here.

The Dell Supported Baffin Chipset drivers are dated August 8th 2017...and I do not know where to get some up to date drivers.. man....

Te drivers I got by default are not good enough....

I want more options and more flexibility.....

more choices of what I can do?

Everytime I go to AMD support on their site they tell me to do this:


I get this everytime:

radeon 17.11 image error.PNG

When Can I get a Updated 17.11.1 Radeon Driver?

The Only *** driver for my laptop is 17.1.1 and is Old dated august 8th.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 5576

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Have you tried just installing new radeon drivers for the RX 560?  Instead of selecting the APU drivers section, go to the graphics card section and download the regular graphics card drivers.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 5576

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I have tried the apu option and the Rx option and they both give the error appears my Dell laptop is only responding to custom specific drivers vendored by Dell.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 5576

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I do not understand why vendor specific drivers by Dell only work for switchable graphics and not says in my dell account drivers and downloads AD Chipset Baffin Bristol Ridge Driver....dated August 8th...

Radeon information about the driver is listed as Radeon Software Version


Radeon Settings Version


Driver Packaging Version



Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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