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Dell Inspiron 15-7000 7559 powers off when gaming/benchmarking

Recently whenever i attempt to play a game on my laptop (Inspiron 15-7000 7559) it powers off, just like that, instantly (not rebooting). It depends on the game/settings how long it takes but usually around a few minutes and it powers off to black, without a blue screen or whatever notification.

First thing i did was testing different drivers for the gpu, with no result. 

So i started searching the internet ofcourse and i found everyone saying it's due to overheating. I have cleaned the laptop of dust, but there really wasn't that much. Then i reapplied thermal paste (arctic silver 5), it lowered temperatures a bit but not drastically (I have no warranty left so it's no problem opening it).

Temperatures of my cpu never go above 89 degrees C. gpu around 65 while gaming. Seems pretty normal to me.  

i also reinstalled the bios with the original dell driver, same with the gpu driver. still no result.

The event log wasn't really that helpfull because it never gave any reasons, only that the shutdown was unexpected.

I also used MiniToolBox and that gave me a few errors with more info, if necessary i can post those here as well. 

i also tried a full reinstallation of windows with no result.

so yeah i'm desperate by now.

p.s. Minecraft seems to run fine, even on all settings maxxed through the roof.