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Dell Inspiron 15 7537 Booting Issue

Hi, my Dell Inspiron 15 7537 had to ahve a hard drive replacement and it seems that whenever I try to start it up now it will just say No boot device found please press any key to restart and when I do I spam f2 thinking it will take me to the bios menu but it seems to just run me in circles. it wont load setup or boot menu yet when I plugged in the charger it seemed to setup a new menu which let me know I should plug in a 90W charging cable and to press f2 to go to setup but when I restarted I accidentally pressed f3 which stopped the message from showing and now I am back to the infinite loop of not being able to enter setup. Any ideas? Also, the thing is when I hold down the power button it loops from going on and off. Also the hard drive is totally empty. I bought it brand new so there is nothing on it. The old one's inner disc stopped spinning when I dropped the laptop because a strap on my bag gave our. Overall the rest of the laptop works as It should of my knowing.

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