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Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Signature Edition Problems (display lag)

I have bought the Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Signature Edition, 4k UHD touchscreen. The specs are:

i7-6700 HQ
GTX 960M

On my first day of using the laptop I have experience numerous issues. The very first thing I did when i got my laptop is update windows 10, then updated the nvidea drivers, and then used the dell utility update. I would reboot after each update. The problems started t occur after this.

First off, the mouse pad lagged severely. The cursor would take 3-6 seconds to respond and then will start to move on its own just after I touched the mouse pad.

Second this I noticed is the very slow browser speed on google chrome. I had compared the speed to a friends laptop  and his google chrome works significantly faster. His scrolling was nice and smooth,  minimising and maximising the browser and quick and smooth as well, and loading websites like youtube were instant on his laptop. My laptop however was slow in all of the things I mentioned. Scrolling was slow and choppy, websites loaded faster and maximising the window produced this black space that would eventually be filled by the contents of the web browser.

I have managed to reduce some of the lag by doing the following trouble shooting steps I have found on different sources:
-going into nvidia geforce experience and turning off the "share" option
-going into system configurations and then disable windows search under the services tab

This did fix my cursor problem but lag is still present when web browsing. I have updated everything and reinstalled google chrome. When I reduced the screen display resolution to a lower setting, the lag is non-existent. Only in 4k display is when the lag is present.

Nothing is working. Does anyone have any solutions I can try?

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