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Dell Inspiron 15 Tocuhpad Stopped Working After Windows Update

For some reason after my computers update, my  touchpad decided to stop working.  The right click mode no longer works same thing with the right side scroll option.  This is extremely fustrating (especially since I can no longer right click to correct mis-spelled words.  Makes doing college papers a really big pain in the <ADMIN NOTE: Profanity removed as per TOU> now.   i really need the right click and scroll back. I cant even click to select a block of texts either.  sigh......  please help.

I have uninstalled the touchpad and reinstalled and still the same results. I have booted into safe mode and the same thing happens there too.

I really need this fixed.  I cant do a system restore - so that is not an option.  Even though I have set them through spybot, but when i bring up the restore option - it shows no restore points.



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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Tocuhpad Stopped Working After Windows Update

Hi urbaneve,

We hear your frustration. Please right click on the touchpad icon on the taskbar. Then click on touchpad properties and click on gestures. Make sure that Gestures option is turned on and put a check mark on panning/scrolling and Reverse scroll direction. Please keep us updated about the performance of the touchpad. Also  private message us the service tag of your system. Click on my Username and select start conversation to send private message.

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