Dell Inspiron 15 volume button is (almost) useless

I just bought a 2016 Inspiron 15 touchscreen laptop one month ago.  However, the volume button on the side changes the volume on the display, yet when I have an application such as spotify or youtube opened up, the only way I can change the volume is by changing it on that application.  It is essentially like my computer is either at 100 volume or muted, yet the display reads all values in between.  If it is even on 2, it is essentially on max volume for the desktop.  If I have my volume enabled(not on mute), I can change it fine by moving the dial on spotify and so forth, but its an inconvenience especially when I'm currently doing a design project or homework and I need to turn down the music.  I've updated all my audio drivers and my laptop is up do date.  I have checked the volume settings and have seen nothing out of the ordinary.  Please let me know of any suggestions.  Thanks!

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 volume button is (almost) useless


We need  to know which specific Inspiron 15 model. Dell has many Inspiron 15 computers. 

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