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Dell Inspiron 1526 appears to be dead??!

My Dell Inspiron 1526 appears to be dead after just a little over 3 years.  Sorry but this may be a bit long. So, I purchased it in May 2008, and the only issue I had for a while was a screw on the laptop lid wasn't originally how it should be, and it eventually caused my lid to break off on one side. So, then the thing was not easy to use. I finally started hooking it up to my other monitor and just using it at my desk. Also, the silver  paint on this laptop started getting little scratches all over it, and coming off, and I have no clue why as I didn't do anything to it ! It just continues from there. The next issue was the battery. The battery completely stopped working a while back, and I've been running in on the adapter only as I could not afford a new battery. I consider myself to have taken very good care of this laptop, but all of these issues have taken place. For a while it started doing this thing when trying to start my computer first thing in the morning. I hit the power button, and you can hear the PC running and see the lights(from what I remember), but there is nothing on the screen. It would then cut off by its self in a few min if not less. I would then hit the power button again and it will continue to do the same thing. After doing this quite a few times, the screen would finally show something and it would say something to the effect of "Running Windows normally". I choose that and then after a few seconds it will shut off again, until I repeat the process and EVENTUALLY am able to use my computer.It was a huge hassle every morning, because sometimes it would take up to 20 min or so to get. Ridiculous!

Once the PC is on, it almost always stayed on, and there were no issues. Even if I decided to shut down during the day and move my laptop to my recliner, it would allow me to start back up easily. There were a few exceptions(seems if you wait too long), then it starts the same mess again not letting me get on the computer. I know this sounds crazy, but it seems to be a starter issue. I recently purchased a new power board, because a relative thought that may be the issue and we got nothing from that. I don't know what else to do, but as of now it won't do ANYTHING, as if its dead. No sound, nothing. I'm extremely upset, and over the past few years, I have contacted Dell over the problems with this particular laptop, and I don't really get anymore. I can't afford a battery for $135.....sorry. The real issue now, is that the thing won't work at all. I really can't believe this computer would be completely dead after only 3 years.Now, I'm having to use this ancient computer that has been around the house. Luckily, its a computer, but its incredibly slow and I can't do much on it. 

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong with it or what could be causing this? Does it sound completely dead to you ? Thanks!

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