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Dell Inspiron 1545 - Error code 0142 / 2000-0142 Status 79

Hi all, 

Please help me... since I bought my DELL Inspiron 1545 laptop I never had a problem with it and today it didn't want to start. I ran the advised checks on it that I found in the forum and this is what I got:

Error Code 0142

Error code 2000-0142

Hard drive 0 self test unsuccessful

Status 79

I'm devastated as I have a lot of work on this laptop. Could anyone tell me if the hard drive failure means that I lost everything, all the data, all my work and all my files, pictures stored on the laptop? 

What do I have to do now? Is there any more info I should give so that someone could help me?

Thanks for any help.


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RE: Dell Inspiron 1545 - Error code 0142 / 2000-0142 Status 79

Thank you for your message.

The error code confirms that the hard drive has failed & will need a replacement.

You can still back up data. However, you will need to contact a local tech who can assist you with the data backup. The data on the hard drive is still accessible when connected as a storage device or when specialized software is used.

You can contact the out of warranty team on 1-800-288-4410 (7am to 12am Monday-Friday) to get the hard drive replaced after data back up or get in touch with the local tech for the replacement.

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