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Dell Inspiron 1564 function keys issue

So on my keyboard the function keys also have the volume options, video playback options, and a battery meter menu option on top of them. Recently, if I were to click the increase volume icon, the image for the volume doesn't show up. Same thing for the screen light dimming, and more annoyingly, the battery meter menu. The volume and dimming options still work, however the menu for the battery options does not come up. I used to be able to disable charging to my battery from that menu, and no matter how many times i press it, it does absolutely nothing. Any solutions? Drivers that need to be reinstalled?

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Re: Dell Inspiron 1564 function keys issue

Hi  Ajgeorge811,

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Hi, as stated that certain function keys does not work, I would advise to download and install the application known as Dell Quickset.

You can download it from the link mentioned below for your computer. Please type in the service tag in prompted.


Click on Application and download and install the file named Dell-Application  Dell_QuickSet_A07_R272666.exe (5MB)

Kindly get back if there are any further queries. Glad to help.


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