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Dell Inspiron 1564 no Dell starting screen and no boot

I was just watching a movie on my Dell Inspiron 1564 which I have been using for the last 7 years. I know it's a bit old but has worked perfectly for me until today.

I close the lid so that I move my laptop to the balcony. When I opened it I saw a black screen, the power led was on and no hdd activity was shown on the respective led. So after waiting a while I manually switched it off through the on/off button.

After that I switch it on again. The power led is on. From the led showing the hdd activity I can see that the system tries to boot the hard drive but fails. However there is no Dell starting screen, boot options or anything. At the moment when this occurred I was logged in an Ubuntu 14.04. I have a dual boot Dell with windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04.

I am aware that probably this is not something I can personally fix. However I am really stressed about my hard drive because I am at the end of my thesis and although I have backed up many things I had not for the last 2 weeks when a lot of serious work was done. Could someone try to narrow down to the possible reasons for this incident?

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RE: Dell Inspiron 1564 no Dell starting screen and no boot


Below are some things to check on the computer for resolving the no post issue.

General Troubleshooting

Remove the battery from the notebook and hold down the power button for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Put the battery back in and turn the notebook on. If that does not work proceed with information below.
The following guidelines are basic troubleshooting steps.

Battery Charging
The battery should be charged while the system is off for faster charge times. Users may notice longer charge times when the system is turned on and running graphics-intensive applications.

If the system does not perform a Power-On Self-Test, there are various things to look for:

Check that the system has a power light.
If the system has no power light, ensure it is plugged into AC power. Remove the battery.
With the power off and the system unplugged, remove all CRUs (Customer Removable Units) from the system and reconnect the AC adapter to the system and try again.

Power LED Image-Icon representing the power LED. Indicates the following power states:

Solid white –The computer is on.
Breathing white – The computer is in standby mode.
Off – The computer is off or in hibernate state.:

CRU's List below

Optical Drive
WLAN Mini-Card
Central Control Cover
Hard Drive & Hard Drive Cage
Coin-Cell Battery

Dell Inspiron 1564 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

Social Media Support
To help us troubleshoot, send us via a private message: Dell PC or Monitor Service Tag number
Out of Warranty Support
Where do I find my Dell PC Service Tag or Express service code?
Where do I post SA (SupportAssist) issue/questions?
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