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Dell Inspiron 15R-5537 wifi problem!! .. please help :( :(

hi there,

I have Dell Inspiron 15R-5537 Laptop for about 2 years now
Recently I'm facing a very annoying problem!!! :@ :@

While I'm using my laptop it suddenly freezes and stop responding until I remove the power supply, and that happens alot

After I restart the laptop I find that the wireless driver is gone !!!

and I try to refresh the hardware for new changes, but nothing happenes

after some times of restarting the wireless appears spontaneously and works fine then after a while the whole problem happens again 

I don't know what to do
please help 😞

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DELL-Jennifer K
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RE: Dell Inspiron 15R-5537 wifi problem!! .. please help :( :(


I would request you to try these steps and advise the result,

*Confirm if any changes were made to the system (any software/hardware).

*To check if there are any hardware failure initiate Dell Diagnostics on the system to know what is causing system freezing issue. Restart the system and keep tapping the F12 to initiate Dell diagnostics, if any component has failed then accordingly it will come up with an error code followed with an error message.

*Check if the system BIOS and chipset driver is updated.

*Also check in the system logs for event ID if any error's are listed to check for error's listed when the system freezes.

I hope this helps ,if there are any concerns then do reply to this post with the service tag of the system sent via private message.


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