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Dell Inspiron 15R Sp. Ed. 7520 - if will use AMD vidcard only?

I have a DELL Inspiron 15R SE 7520 <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed as per privacy policy> already with:

  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • AMD Radeon HD 7700M Series

Pre-loaded with Windows 7 64-bit OS.

What will happen if I disable the Intel graphic card, if possible?

Most Apps seems to be defaulted to use Intel HD Graphics 4000 only, and I feel my laptop performs very slow.

I am thinking it would perform better with AMD since it has 2GB memory.

Intel HD Graphics 4000 memory is unknown.

Please help. Thank you

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Re: Dell Inspiron 15R Sp. Ed. 7520 - if will use AMD vidcard only?


Dear Moderator/s,

how do i move this topic to the "Laptop Video Forum?"

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Re: Dell Inspiron 15R Sp. Ed. 7520 - if will use AMD vidcard only?

Hi Rocker711,

You will be unable to change or control the graphic card functionality. It is dynamic. In case you want any particular application to use AMD you can change by going to ‘Catalyst Control Center’ and under the section switchable graphics.  There will be two options ‘Power saving' and 'High Performance'. If 'Power saving' is selected for an application, it uses Intel graphics card. If 'High Performance' is selected for an application, it automatically uses the AMD Radeon graphics card. You can configure it according to your preference. It is advisable that you choose 'High Performance' for application which uses more memory like games etc. 

Displays are always exposed to the OS through integrated graphics. This is the reason it will always show as Intel Graphics is in use. It is designed that way.  All graphic intensive processes are done by the AMD Radeon graphics card and passed on to the application through the Intel HD Graphics.

Thanks and Regards,
DELL-Sujatha K
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