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Dell Inspiron 17 5000 cuts off broadband

My Inspiron 17 5000 is a total pain. Given to me, brand new so far as I know, in mid 2016, eight months ago

1. Worst. It REPEATEDLY cuts off broadband even when 30 feet maximum from my British (BT) router. My old and far less powerful Toshiba did no such thing, even much further away. Google and you'll find many reports of that major fault with Inspirons.

2. Its keyboard is beyond belief slow and unresponsive (eg, it flatly failed to enter the letters KEY in 'keyboard', back there. And not because I type fast--I don't.

3. It recently developed random bad habits: sometimes/sometimes not. , when I hit the @ key it gives me double-quotation marks; and vice versa (it is doing so now--I'm h...\. When I hit the reverse-slash sign it  gives me \ as asked for.

4. When I play some U-tube music e.g. on it, its  sound system repeatedly cuts in and out, makes random growls, etc etc etc etc.

NONE of these faults were visible on my cheapo little Toshiba. I have NEVER dropped this Dell Inspiron, nor banged it. I do not hurl dust into its innards.  It manifestly began life as junk and junk it is. Short of simply binning it--that would be  several  hundred #s [sorry, pounds] going down the drain--IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN actually DO to put things right?


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