Dell Inspiron 17 5748 won't stop Diagnosing repairing

Hi there 

Help needed with 

How to get out of LOOP diagnosing doing repair repeatedly

F2 just gives me the BIOS this doesn't help factory reset or get it back to working -it goes back into looping again

Diagnosing repairing

Help needed? Please?


Hi there is anyone still on here...I realize it's late BUT HELP is needed please?

Dell says the warranty is done as of January 15 2017

I'm still trying to find out if purchased on a credit card does credit card extend warranty by 1year?

Can someone help with a

Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series 15187231766

P26E 001 model?

Win 8 sticker on back

I have pics of diagnostics screens it says everything is OK

I have turned it on off hard shut off + on still says the following



Preparing automatic repair


Diagnosing YOUR PC

Then black screen


Repeats the same over and over

I've tried the BIOS looks OK

I've unplugged battery plugged in started -same as above

F2 f8 f12 tried

Diagnostics ran ...battery is junk

I have a win 7 Cd here ? No good for this.

No DVD Cd backup items available

I was wishing to fix this up for my 88 year old mom to see things on her care facility. She and other elderly people there would benefit greatly from this laptop in so many ways. It's hard with the distance and only seeing checking on her via phone calls -this laptop might be the solution to making sure she's ok and taken care of.

Can someone be a hero and help me?


Waterloo Ontario Canada

JenFrYrEyesOnly -twitter

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RE: Dell Inspiron 17 5748 won't stop Diagnosing repairing

Which version of windows is on the system ? Widows 7 or 8 ?

If I 'm reading you correctly, diagnostic pass all tests except for the battery ?

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RE: Dell Inspiron 17 5748 won't stop Diagnosing repairing

Yes windows 8.1 I'm told it needs to have reinstalled via USB 

It's so frustrating getting stuck at Diagnosing repairing - there should be an easier way or work around....

The Cd drive doesn't want to pop open by pressing the tiny rectangle on the drive -

The battery isn't any good -I'm surprised -it was plugged into the electrical wall or surge bar socket to avoid a battery that's pooched etc to keep it for situations where a cord couldn't be plugged in any where -my other older smaller travel mate notebook battery is very good. 

Any help or tips are appreciated 

Thanks again EVERYONE : ) 

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RE: Dell Inspiron 17 5748 won't stop Diagnosing repairing

Yes, agreed. The USB flash drive would be the best way to reinstalled windows.. I have a few suggestions to help you reinstall windows.

*Please click " Windows doesn't start correctly or at all " in link below:

  Dell Windows Backup Media and Recovery Options | Dell US

* You could purchase windows media from third party website:

   Restore Disks | Restore your Computer to Original Factory ...

* You could install the 8.1 media from Microsoft. Keep in mind, it might be free or you have to pay.

   Download Windows 8.1 -

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