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Dell Inspiron 1720 LCD backlight issue at boot

My Inspiron 1720 laptop has recently developed a problem.
When the system boots it is impossible to see the BIOS messages because the screen is too dark.
However when the OS has booted the laptop can be used even though the backlight level is at its
lowest level. It is impossible to change the backlight level.
At other times the system will start normally and the backlight functions perfectly.
I have tried to disconnect the small LCD cable that goes to the motherboard and this gives the
same low backlight level. I also bought an inverter on Ebay which did not solve the problem.
Of cause the new inverter could have the same problem as the original.
Could this be a power supply issue? There seems to be a high pitch sound when the
backlight fails at boot. Has anybody had a similar problem or know the cause.
I hope somebody can help as the laptop is othervice functioning perfectly.
Best regards Anders

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