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Dell Inspiron 17R 5737 BLUETOOTH IS DEAD


I've been trying to figure out how to fix the bluetooth for my computer and it just isn't working out for me.

The problem:

It started out that my bluetooth wasn't showing up on my computer (in the message center or in settings)  Now, normally, this isn't a problem.  For whatever reason, my computer has this issue often and usually the remedy is a simple restart.  After restart, I'd be able to connect my fitbit or my speaker or whatever and the world was happy.  Now, though, several restarts did nothing.  Not good.  I checked my device manager, clicked on hidden devices

What I tried:

1)  I checked my device manager, clicked "show hidden devices", and checked on all bluetooth related drivers.  They were all up to date BUT it said that it needed additional permissions (code 45) .  Strange.  

2)Uninstalling and restarting, hoping it would automatically reinstall.  Did nothing.

3)Searched services in my settings and looked for bluetooth related items.  Found "Bluetooth support services".  Set it to Automatic.  Restarted.  Nothing different.  

4)  Installing Bluetooth drivers from Dell's site.  Used device detect to find the drivers and downloaded the drivers I found 

Dell Wireless 1705 Wi-Fi+ Bluetooth Driver


ntel PROSet/Wireless Bluetooth LE GUI Application

 plus a restart. 

This got me the bluetooth icon to show up in the message center, but clicking on it did nothing and there was still no bluetooth options in my settings.  Darn.

Checked device manager again.  Now it says that the Bluetooth driver (found now hidden under Software Devices as a single item) that the device didn't migrate.  Not really sure what that means.  

The following method was attempted with no real knowledge of what I was doing.  Pretty regrettable. 

5)Looked back in Services, back in "Bluetooth Support Service".  Tried setting it from "This account" to "Local Network".  Now that service won't start, displaying the error "Error 1079:  the account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process."  Well that's not good.  

     a)  Tried setting the other Bluetooth related services to local (Bluetooth support service, OBEX service, Handsfree service, and Device monitor) to see if I could start the Support service again.  No dice.  

     b)tried to change Bluetooth Support Service Log on back to the "this account" option, however I don't know anything about what I'm doing at this point.  It requires an object name and a password.  I have no clue what its asking for.  Now I have irreversibly set it to local.  

I am at the end of my rope and knowledge, there is nothing more that I'm finding that can help with my issue.  If somebody has read ALL OF THIS (I apologize by the way, I was just trying to be thorough of my mistakes and attempts), I already thank you for your time.  If you can help, then I'll be even more grateful.  

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Adam Hardy
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RE: Dell Inspiron 17R 5737 BLUETOOTH IS DEAD

Although I don't have an answer to your overall Bluetooth problem - I'm experiencing it, too - you can fix the login for you Bluetooth Services by choosing (from the Log On tab) Browse. Type LOCAL SERVICE, then choose Check Names; you'll notice the case changes as it resolves the name. Once you're back to the login, enter the password for the account you're currently logged into. You'll need to do this for both Bluetooth services.

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