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Dell Inspiron 3520 Hard drive 0 error

I need some assistance with this matter please. I've had this laptop for over 5 years but very recently it quit turning on. After leaving it alone for several months and trying it again, it would turn on but wouldn't let me get past the initial sign-in screen. I have already tried hitting f12 during startup and running the diagnostics test and it gave me the following message while beeping obnoxiously:

error code 2000-0142

Validation: 107408

Msg: hard drive 0 - S/N W0499XZ2

Short self test unsuccessful

Thanks, in advance.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 3520 Hard drive 0 error

While it should not be beeping, the first thing you need is a new, 2.5" 9.5 or 7 mm SATA notebook drive. Yours has failed.

What pattern of beeps are you getting (single, two, three, four, etc.) between pauses?

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RE: Dell Inspiron 3520 Hard drive 0 error

This also happened with my Inspiron 3520. I was worried for a few minutes till I realized the hard drive slipped loose from its connection. I found a youtube video on how to get to the hard drive. The keyboard needs to be disconnected and all screws removed from bottom. here is the video.