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Dell Inspiron 3521 freezes when moved and has slowed down a lot in past few days

I have a Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop having specs 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Intel i3 processor running on Windows 7(Ultimate 32 bits). I bought it 2.5 years back. And it was working fine since then.

But in past few days it started freezing whenever moved. It hangs if moved and i have to restart it to make it work normally(which itself is not normal as it has slowed down).

And it is taking lots of time to start.

And it works very slowly when started, even a single mouse click will reflect many seconds later. It takes minutes to open a single application even the window explorer.
And many a times programs stop responding. and even window explorer doesn't respond at times.

Things i have tried:
I have run diagnostics but there was nothing wrong in that. And all the results were positive(passed).

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