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Dell Inspiron 3521 has Blue Screen Error 0xc0000428 on start up

I own a Dell Inspiron 3521 Laptop with Windows 10, bought 2 years ago. Now, it has started acting up and won't boot. 

Whenever I try to boot, it goes into Automatic Repair mode and shows a BSOD with 0xc0000428 saying that the file /driver/amdkmpfd.sys file cannot be verified.

My Laptop won't boot and I can't access anything except the Startup Settings and BIOS. I have tried all options in Startup Settings but none of them work, Safe Mode does not work as well. 

It ran a random test of Dell ePSA and it said that everything is working fine.

I think that it's a Video Card problem. Can I just get my data back without a full restore.
Do note that I bought the laptop and hence did not get a Windows CD to repair my Copy of Windows 10. Any way to repair just the driver instead of the whole OS?

Please help me quickly. Any help is appreciated.

Thanking you in advance!

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RE: Dell Inspiron 3521 has Blue Screen Error 0xc0000428 on start up

Hi Hercules2905,

Switch ON the system and switch OFF the system 3 to 4 times when the Dell logo appears. This will make the system to go into ‘Windows 10 Advanced Startup Options’ screen. Please select Troubleshoot option and choose the RESET option so that it refreshes the windows operating system Please use the option Keep files.

Note: You may loss all of the data by performing above steps backup all data from the system before proceeding with steps using a help with local computer techncian.

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