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Dell Inspiron 3521

Hello everyone,

A new, rather unhappy Dell consumer........

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 3521 about 3 weeks ago, it came preloaded with Ubuntu which I'm not a big fan of, so I installed Windows 7 SP1 64-bit system on it, installed ALL the drivers from Dell (Which was a complete pain in the ar$e to be honest, as an HP consumer for many years now, I was both shocked and deeply disappointed when I failed to find any software provided by Dell that I can install on my system that would inform me about any available updates like the HP Support Assistant does! But anyway.......) With all the drivers installed, Windows up to date, everything seemed to be working just fine, until I tried to send some files to my smartphone via Bluetooth!

The only way to describe the problem would be that when I try to add a device, the laptop keeps "Searching" for devices but never finds any (And yes, I do make sure that my devices are VISIBLE, so please don't tell me to check that!) And when I try to pair the laptop with any device, no device can find it (Tried a smartphone and another laptop), and again, my laptop's Bluetooth setting is set to allow other devices to find it.

I've been trying EVERYTHING! Starting from uninstalling the drivers and installing them again, plugging the charger and unplugging it (As I did encounter a problem with sound going off after 30 SECONDS after turning my laptop on while running on battery, which turned out to be a DEFAULT setting for the Dell Audio software! A completely foolish idea of Dell by the way!), Dell Quickset installed, updated BIOS to version A09 (Latest from Dell so far), but still, nothing works! I also did an extensive search online and many others seem to be having the same problem, without any solutions (Some said it would work but then stops working, but mine never did work!).

Providing screenshots showing what happens when I try to add a Bluetooth device (And patiently wait for around 5 minutes with all my devices set to be visible), Device Manager, and a screenshot of the Bluetooth File Transfer window showing inactive option to use authentication.

Any help, or explanation for why this might be happening would be much appreciated.

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