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Dell Inspiron 3537 " Thread stuck in device driver ".

Hey dell support staff .

After the last Radeon software update for my Amd HD 8850m dGPU . ( 3/28/2016 ).

My laptop started having thread stuck in device driver error .
After a few restarts the screen froze and the laptop could not be operated anymore.

It had the windows 10 update from dell

I was shocked that an amd official driver could wreck my laptop. To my dissapointement after formatting the laptop windows 10 auto updated to "its official version " and any time i tried installing the amd driver the laptop would freeze and stop working.

And to add to this dell has stopped supporting this laptop as the official drivers from dell for AMD is not recognized by my laptop!.

I took the laptop to the authorized service center , locally @ jayanagara bengaluru  and the service technician hardware disabled my dedicated GPU  . 
Repairs for the laptop will mean i would have to replace the mother board for  inr 14500 ( approx 215$ ) with 30 days warranty for the replacement !  . All this just to use the Radeon GPU

The GPU is half the reason i got the model and dell has horribly let down by not supporting the laptop past the initial one year warranty . With no updates .

All this when a driver updated started the problem and there is no  software update will fix this .

Right now i am using a disabled gpu ( on intel hd gpu ) on my laptop . and i am writing to the official dell support forum for any solution to get my gpu working again .

If that means i have to pay dell more money to fix the problem you and your partners ( amd 's drivers ) started , then i am selling this laptop and going for a brand with more reliable driver support.

hoping for the best.

p.s bought the model  on may - 2014 from compuindia - Dell's official reseller here.

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