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Dell Inspiron 3541 Screen got cut off

Hello Dell community, I'm fresh here

Currently I have a problem with a Dell Inspiron 3541, please have a look at the below screenshot


I've tried everything, installed new Windows from fresh but still can not solve the problem which is screen appear to not showing in full screen (the outline got cut off). I've tried to installed the proper drivers but still the screen showing the same way when the laptop start up just begin at BIOS screen.

Please help to look into the series if there any similar error and ways to fix it.

Hopefully there will any help


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RE: Dell Inspiron 3541 Screen got cut off

If you measure the screen image diagonally, you'll find it's exactly the size it's supposed to be. In other words, this is completely normal for this model system.

Your system is operating as designed.

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