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Dell Inspiron 5537 HDMI port not detecting monitor


I got new Dell Inspiron 5537 (i7, 8GB RAM, 1 TB drive, AMD 8850M) at office. After Windows 8.1 installation, I tried to connect it to external monitor with HDMI.

At first, it didn't work, but after some time it started working well. Today, almost whole day after it was working well, and one restart, I could not see image on external monitor. Monitor is working well (tested on other machine) but it is not displaying image. When I switched to duplicate mode (Win logo + P), my build-in display resolution changed to 1024x768, but still nothing on monitor.

I checked device manager. Instead of having 2 monitors in monitors section, I could only see one.

I tested most of solutions (uninstall both drivers, installed those in order intel->amd) but still nothing.

Can you suggest some solution or should I return laptop back to seller for replacement?

Kind regards,


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I would like to know if you were able to fix your problem, i'm having the exact same problem :(

Thanks beforehand and good luck!


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Hi, Sara,

well, first of all, I replaced laptop after these issues continue to appear. I got replacement with similar model, just bigger screen, 17R. Problem stayed even with new laptop. During next month, I had to develop on linux, so problem appeared less than usual. 

What I noticed with 17R is that something with that part of motherboard is not well. This issue appears mostly when LAN is turned on, and to me it looks like something is not well designed with currents. 

This issue also happens when my external drive is plugged in on high speed USB ports that are placed on same side of HDMI port.

If issue happens on LInux, I usually boot to Windows and return. Also other way around.

Except that, there is not fix for this, unfortunately. Lucky this is not my laptop.

Please write it you have any other questions.

Kind regards, 


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