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Dell Inspiron 5720 endless boot loop

I am in desperate need of some help. My laptop, which contains many papers and assignments from college, decided to mess up. It started acting funny shortly after I installed Windows 10, however, it ran normal for a few weeks. It has slowly gotten worse and worse. At first it would be slow to start up and freeze on me. Now it is stuck in a continuous loop of the dell logo. I have tried calling Dell twice, but the only people I can talk to are people half way across the world who don't even speak English. I am not racist, but this is beyond frustrating. Not only could I barely understand them, they didn't help me AT ALL, and then told me I would have to pay for them to run a test on the laptop because it's out of warranty. Dell is a joke, I will definitely be buying a Mac, where at least I can go speak to someone who I can understand, but for now I need to get back into this computer.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 5720 endless boot loop

Before you do anything else, remove the hard drive from the system and mount it in a desktop system or into an external USB case, and attach it to a working system that way.  Copy your data files to the working system so you have a backup to work with.

Then return the drive to the system, press F12 a few times at powerup, and boot into the Dell diagnostics. Let the tests run (10-15 min) and then complete booting into the 32-bit Dell diagnostics.  Run an extended test on the hard drive.  If you receive an error code such as 2000-0142, it means the drive is failing and will need to be replaced -- a very strong possibility.   That's why you need the backup FIRST before going further.

As for the rest, Apple provides 90 days of phone or in-person support with a new system.  After that, you pay per incident, just as you do with Dell once the warranty expires.  Yes, it's US-based support -- but it comes with the Apple price premium up front (equivalent Apple hardware costs about twice what PC hardware does).

You may need the service manual to locate and remove the hard drive


but the process starts there.

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