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Dell Inspiron 5748 & Dell D3100 Docking Station Issue

I have the Inspiron 5748 and the D3100 docking station.

Windows 10 creator update installed, all latest updates drivers etc.

DisplayLink Manager v8.0.762.0

I have an external HDMI monitor, the problem is simple.

When the monitor is plugged in the docking station anything using that HDMI screen DOES NOT use the NVIDIA GPU, it uses the on-board Intel chip.

When connecting the monitor directly to the laptop all applications on the external monitor use the NVIDIA GPU (I have this as default in the NVIDIA control panel)

Please advise on how I can get the D3100 to work with the NVIDIA GPU.

Many thanks.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 5748 & Dell D3100 Docking Station Issue

Hi Marus123,

Thanks for posting.

Unfortunately, if you computer is not shown in this list , its not supported for Windows 10 Creator. 

If you are able to install it on this system, then things may not function the way you want it to, and drivers, settings, etc. may not be available.

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