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Dell Inspiron 6000 WiFi or Ad Hoc set up question

Hi All.... I'm new to the forum community and have a question about how to find and set up a connection that's a little out of the ordinary. Any advice I can get here would be awesome. Thanks everyone in advance....

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 that is running XP Pro. I am a sound engineer doing live sound for bands, speaking engagements, etc. I use my Inspiron for general surfing and stuff around the house. The wireless internet in my house (letting XP control the connection, not Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG) works perfectly. I have no issues with the way the Inspironconnects and functions for general use.

My sound mixing equipment is digital (Presonus StudioLive 24). There is an app that allows me to connect my iPad to my sound mixer, using a laptop as an interface between the two (they wrote Windows and iOS versions of the mixer software). My Inspiron works well as the interface, and I use it often. Problem is, I also need to carry a wireless router with me. I'd like to eliminate the router. I did an event recently where one of my techs brought his MacBook with him an created a wireless network without the use of the router. I have to believe that it is possible to do the same with my Inspiron, but I'm getting stumped at each turn. I hate Apple products in general, and only have the iPad because the mixer manufacturer won't write software for any other tablet than the iPad.

Here is the routing/useage map:

- Mixer firewired to Inspiron.

- Inspiron cat5'd to the router (Ordinary off-the-shelf Linksys 2.4g router).

- When mixer turns on, software installed on the Inspiron automatically sees the mixer and opens up (with mouseover type full control of the mixer).

- I don't hook internet up to the router, I just power it up and let the laptop think it is connected to a network.

- I don't use securtiy because there is no need (anyone trying to connect a phone, tablet, or laptop could connect, but the average person would see no internet, and just move on).

- I turn on my iPad, connect to the network I brought with me, run the app for the mixer, and voila! I'm wirelessly in control of the sound mixer from everywhere in the room.

So the bottom line is that I'm looking at how to create a wireless network on my Inspiron that my iPad can connect to the same as the MacBook does. Ad Hoc? VPN? I'm lost.

Any ideas?


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RE: Dell Inspiron 6000 WiFi or Ad Hoc set up question


It is possible to create an Ad-Hoc Network. The issues are you need to connect manually every time you turn off/restart the systems. These will not connect automatically. You cannot use the wireless for internet, while using ad-hoc network.

I Goggled  and there are many good hits.


Remember virus programs and firewalls will block communications.

I prefer the wireless router. You may need to carry an extra piece of equipment, but guaranteed a connection.



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