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Dell Inspiron 7000 Series, Recent Bought, Light Bleeding/Dead Pix

I bought a Dell Laptop, Inspiron 7000 Series off amazon. Was trying to find a direct email but wanted to know my options. 

I bought this laptop less then a couple weeks ago off amazon. Its really amazing other then the fact that its screen seems not very durable but it works. There is quite a bit of backlight bleeding on the bottom edges of the screens which is specially noticeable when the screen is black. Upon closer inspection i see, about 1-2 dead pixels upon the edge. I dont know if the dead pixel(s) are to much of a deal seeing how its literally on the edge, but the light bleeding seems to be very noticeable.

Image 1

Sorry for the poor image quality but you can see the blotchy light at the bottom of the screen, all across the bottom. There is a slight bit on the edges of the right edges too.

Is there a way to fix this? What are my options? It makes me pretty concerned and I guess a bit insecure.

Previous to this laptop, one was shipped to me, worse conditions, completely damaged. The entire 1/4th of the screen was dead and blocked out. Had to ship it back. 

Thanks, Appreciate any feedback.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 7000 Series, Recent Bought, Light Bleeding/Dead Pix

Contact the seller and arrange a return of the system - there's no sense having a screen replaced on a brand-new system (which which your description makes clear you'll never be happy).

If this system is from the same seller, get a refund and buy elsewhere.

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