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Dell Inspiron 7437: Can sluggish performance be because CPU never runs above 44%? One of the cooling fans may be jammed.


Bought my laptop in Dec 2013 and besides its good looks, it was never a great performer despite having i7/8GB!

I do only office work on it – Outlook, Word, Powerpoint and browsing, nothing heavy duty, and still too many times I get on the top bar of a window “Word is not responsive” and all IT people that look at it remark – how slow it is! Also, the fans operated constantly at relatively intrusive speed.

From the beginning, the performance seemed sluggish but initially, I pinned it on the fact that the machine didn’t have SSD. Then a few months ago the HDD packed-up and I had to replace it with SSD.

The SSDs are slightly thicker than original HDD and we had to remove the SSD from casing but in any case, the guy that made the replacement admitted that it was tricky to put the lid back.

With the SSD, the speed of the machine seemed to improve but not good enough and the machine seemed to operate without the fan(s) in complete silence. However, I began hearing mechanical clicks and then one day, a scratching noise of the right fan... I loosened the bottom lid screws and the fan scratching noise stopped but from time to time it still comes.

The machine seems now hotter than before HDD was replaced with SSD but it very rarely now starts the fans and really, it isn't extremely hot – I bought a strip thermometer, the surface never above 42C, now for example it is 36C.

I also had a few blue screens and (hopefully only) once a bizarre distortion on the screen.

I also notice that when I open Task Manager, the CPU usage NEVER goes above 44%. NEVER!

Can it be because one of the fans is jammed, the machine doesn’t throttle above 44%?

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