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Dell Inspiron 7537

I've had this laptop for 2 years and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Just recently, however, 2 weeks ago, I've noticed the screen wobbling whenever I opened the lid. I've been taking care of this laptop just fine so seeing this raised concerns. I went on using it until just yesterday when it cracked. I flipped open the lid like usual only to hear a loud cracking noise. I immediately checked the rear back only to discover that the hinge on the left side had broke. The screen is also separated from the display, causing a wide gap in between. I have to carefully open the lid of the laptop just to refrain from separating the screen even more. I've googled just to find out this happened to numerous people too. To think that Dell even needed to include a "Hinge Policy" post says enough about this issue. I'm looking for it to be resolved as soon as possible. I've paid $500 for this. This is ridiculous. I'd like to speak with a representative, please contact me.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 7537

Hi chrlms,

Thanks for posting.

You are correct, hinges are considered normal wear and tear items, much like the wiper blades on your car.  After two years, they will show signs of wear.  Just think how many times per day you open and close the lid on your computer. The hinges can not be replaced under warranty, however if you would like our technicians to repair your computer, you may send it to the depot for an estimate of the cost and time to repair.  You may also wish to try this yourself or have a local computer repair shop do it for you.  

Here is some information you may find helpful:

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