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Dell Inspiron 7548 Camera Problem

Hi guys,

I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 7548 with preinstalled Windows 10 Home and when I tried to use the camera it showed me that it is not connected and Skype can't find it. I tried a few more sites to test if it is a Skype problem but it seems to be something with the webcam driver. I didn't had the Imaging devices in the Device manager until I went to the View menu and chose to display all the hidden stuff. Then it appeared, and in the properties section it was saying the same thing, that the camera is probably not connected but it is a built-in integrated camera so I don't thing that is the problem. I uninstalled the Integrated webcam driver and restarted the PC, hoping that it will work as it was mentioned in the Dell troubleshoot webcam instructions that Windows 10 will reinstalled the drivers automatically. This didn't happened. Now I can't even find it under the hidden stuff, it just disappeared. I also scanned for hardware changes but  that also didn't work out. I am with the latest drivers, I checked it with the tool provided online from dell. Does anybody have any suggestions what could be the problem and how to fix it? Just to point out again I just bought the laptop an I never seen the camera working so it might actually be that the camera is broken or not connected right. I am out of suggestions - oh, or probably it is Windows 10? Is there somebody with Windows 10 got the camera to work? Thanks in advance. If any more information is needed I will gladly provide it.

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