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Dell Inspiron 7577 Audio Issues and known fixes

So those of you who picked up a 7577 recently may have noticed that although its an awesome laptop,

holy moly, the audio drivers are a mess

here's how to make them a bit less of a mess

So if you do not use an external mic with your laptop, and get the audio freezing issue, I've found that uninstalling the realtek audio drivers that come with the laptop and installing the ones directly from realteks website solve this issue.

While this solves the problem, it makes it impossible to change how windows treats the mic/headphone combo jack, disabling the ability to use an external mic.

If you do use an external mic, then try installing Peter's Equalizer APO and then installing the Peace Extention for it. This takes control of the audio and removes both the freezing issue, and the odd impermissible echo that doesn't go away even when you disable all the "features" in Waves MaxxAudio Pro.

(Please dell make a way to completely disable all the effects from MaxxAudio Pro or remove it altogether and just use realteks drivers)

If anyone is reading this debating to buy the laptop or not, its still an awesome laptop, its just newer and still needs some software tweaks from Dell. Dont let this discourage you Smiley Happy

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RE: Dell Inspiron 7577 Audio Issues and known fixes

Thanks for the advice. I think I will just wait for Dell to release updated drivers. I've tweaked the windows equaliser so the sound is bearable. I've also disabled MaxxAudio in the startup but that didn't make things better.

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