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Dell Inspiron 7579 2-in-1 Active Stylus

Someone else posted this same exact problems.  The Dell response was to download the latest drivers.  I experienced the same problem as they did but I have more to add.

I'm trying to use the Dell Active Pen 556W.  The bluetooth connectivity works fine, Windows 10 sees it. But my touchpad does not recognize it.  When I download the drivers, as the last post suggested, it tells me "no suitable device was found on this system".  But wait, there's more.

Contacted Dell Warranty support.  They told me to return the pen and get another one.  But that's not the problem.

Took the laptop to Best Buy where we bought it.  They were stumped.  Here's the weird part that I can't figure out.  To isolate it, we took it from the Geek Squad table back to the computers for sale and matched it up with the 7579 that was on the floor.  It had a Bamboo Pen attached.  The Bamboo pen worked on their 7579...and it worked on my 7579!

But wait, there's more.  We took another Bamboo pen out of the box and paired it up.  It DIDN'T work on their laptop, and neither did it work on ours!  It was the same pen as the one that worked!  So we tried another model of the Bamboo Pen with the same non-working results.  Stumped the Geek Squad guy.

I wish we could have cut the cable on the pen that worked and brought it home.  That was his suggestion too.

What sort of weird voodoo magic did that sales display pen + laptop combination have that we don't?

We have a Dell pen, but obviously that's not the problem.  Bamboo pens don't work either, only the one they had on display, for some unknown reason.  Is it a protocol issue with the pen?  And if so, how do we fix it?

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RE: Dell Inspiron 7579 2-in-1 Active Stylus

This model does not support an active pen (it does not have a wacom digitizer) -- you CAN use a capacitive stylus (which some of the bamboo pens are) but you cannot use an active pen.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 7579 2-in-1 Active Stylus

I agree, my 7779 does not support the active pen.  My XPS 13 9365 2-in-1 does.

The Bluetooth connection is different from the Active connection when the pen is held near the screen.


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