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Dell Inspiron B130 wireless driver/connectivity issues

Basically a friend has an older Inspiron B130 and he needed a fresh copy of windows XP installed and I had no problem helping him out. well I installed XP just fine the laptop works great actually except for the fact that I CANNOT get the wireless working, I installed the drivers in the right order, (Chipset -> Audio -> Video -> Ethernet-> and finally wireless driver) well when I press the f2 + the wireless button it shows that the radio turns on and off but it doesn't give me any options anywhere to connect to a wireless network. I dont know what to do at this point I am so frustrated with this *** thing. Im almost ready to tell him hes just going to have to keep a wired ethernet connection around him to browse the internet lol. Any tips from you guys would help greatly cause I am done fiddling around with this thing. I've done two fresh installs just to make sure I installed drivers correctly and as far as I know I did and I cant find a solution on the internet so I just decided to post a question and reach out for help. So please HELP! lol 



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RE: Dell Inspiron B130 wireless driver/connectivity issues

Windows XP has reached End of Life as of April 2014 and should not be connected to the internet. However this systems hardware is too weak to recommend the upgrade to a modern OS.

What does the device manager show?


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RE: Dell Inspiron B130 wireless driver/connectivity issues

Replace the XP with Linux.

For the Inspiron B130, try PuppyLinux http://puppylinux.org/main/Overview%20and%20Getting%20Started.htm

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