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Dell Inspiron Duo

Hi, I have a Dell Inspirion Duo that I bought the day it came out and have barley used! I turned it on the other day and it was frozen at the windows startup screen. I tried to recover it but that was a no go. So I tried to restore the operating system .. No Go and It is also making clicking noises!  Does anyone know what to do with it. I thought this would be such a great peoduct .. a netbook that I can use like a tablet also ... I have owned a Toshiba Laptop for years and it still works. I have never had a problem with it. This is my first Dell and all I have had was problems! The auto-rotation feature stopped working and I had to uninnstal the  Accelerometer-Magnetometer  and reinstall it. I would be working on it and all of a sudden it would shut down or freeze up on me. Does anyone know ho to fix it? Stop the noises and make it boot all the way up? Is my hard drive junk? I love the idea of this Dell machine I just wish it would work. :emotion-1:

 I did a diagnostics on it and it came back with a hard drive error (error 0142). I am not very techy but looked up how to do this online.

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