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Dell Inspiron E1505 CPU usage 99%

Hi I had Windows 7 on Inspiron E1505, it was getting slow So I installed clean Windows 8.1.

But even after installing Windows 8.1 I see sometimes CPU usage go over 90%. But CPU and Disk usage come back to around 50% after sometime. I see usage shoots to 90% when I open new tab in chrome or IE. 

Most of the CPU and Disk is used by Chrome, System, Service Host: Local Services / Network Restricated.

Is this normal behavior?

I also feel like its getting overheated, I cleaned fan though.

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RE: Dell Inspiron E1505 CPU usage 99%

Hi sandykaka,

Dell Inspiron E1505 has not been tested with Windows 7 or 8.1 operating systems. This system had been specifically released with Windows XP and vista operating systems. There may be many drivers not available which may be causing this issue.

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