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Dell Inspiron M5010 CPU Fan Not Working

I recently replaced the system board on my Dell Inspiron M5010 Laptop after the factory one went bad. After Replacing the system board I noticed that the laptop was running a bit hotter than normal even with the CPU fan running. So I took the laptop apart again and noticed that the Thermal Paste on the Processor was dry and cracked as well as the Thermal Paste on the GPU.  I then replaced the Thermal Paste with Antic Formula 7 Nano Diamond Thermal Compound and put the laptop back together. Now when I power the laptop on the CPU Fan only runs for about 3-4 seconds as soon as I push the power button and then does not run again. I did update the BIOS to Version 12 and the CPU Fan ran fine during that time. I did the build in Hardware Diagnostic that you can access before by hitting F12 at startup to see if there was a problem with the CPU Fan. Fan ran fine during the test but did not run more than 3-4 seconds after reboot. What could be causing the CPU Fan to not run more than 3-4 seconds at startup when before replacing the Thermal Paste it ran fine? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Dell Inspiron M5010 CPU Fan Not Working

The fan will only run when the notebook gets hotter than the set point.  My notebook fan hardly ever runs unless I'm doing some video editing or other processor intensive use.

There may be absolutely nothing wrong with your system and fan.

You can install a CPU monitor program to see what temp the processor is running.  I use CPUID Hardware Monitor.  My processor is now 57C and the fans are not running.


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RE: Dell Inspiron M5010 CPU Fan Not Working

Hi StarTrekFan78,

The system fans usually spin at a high speed when there is a temperature rise in the laptop. If the fans are not spinning normally or spinning high more frequently than normal, I would suggest you to refer this link for troubleshooting the fans and air vents: http://dell.to/101noJK

Please check and reply.


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RE: Dell Inspiron M5010 CPU Fan Not Working

M50010 was defective from the start and Dell was totally aware of his so they gave customers solution after solution to not replace so many as this is also a problem with other models also such as the N5010. I know this is a older laptop and older post but my main goal is to put this information on everything related to Dell as that to me is by far a unacceptable practice! I still have my M5010 and it still work's only because I have not used it since the last board was replaced except a few hour's and I run a 3rd party application to start fans at start up. The problem with that is they run at full speed all the time. I've been hoping Dell may issue a bios update or some type of fix for this but that's just wishful thinking now because the M5010 is to old. I was hoping to use it with Window's 10 and I've searched all over the Internet for a fix and the only thing searches find is this very problem.

If Dell or anyone can point me in the direction of a fix it would be greatly appreciated if that is the case I will remove my comments and admit I am wrong but being a pretty tech savy I am 99% sure the Dell Inspuron M5010 was defective from the beginning and Dell knowing lied to customer after customer instead of what any decent company would have and took the lose and used this as a learning experience and research there products more before they sale them.. Dell should have fixed these computer's at any cost even if that requied replacing every single one.. I know of 1 customer they've lost and I hope thousands that had unresolved problems refuses to give Dell 1 penny in the future!

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