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Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Factory Image Restore User name

I have a Dell Mini Inspiron 10 that the original hard drive that is going bad on. I was able to image the Recovery partition to a new drive using Symantec Ghost. The recovery partition boots and I want to do the Dell Factory Image Restore. When I do this it uses administrator and no password for the user name. Completes the restore states I need to restart to finish. It restarts goes through the processes of starting things for the first time like normal and then goes to a login. I try administrator of course it is disabled in windows 7. Try going back into the recovery partition and going into a dos prompt and use the "net user" command to set the administrator account active but it still shows up as disabled after the reboot. Tried the same with booting off a windows 7 install disc. Anyone know of a way to get past this login? Or a different step to run the restore?

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