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Dell Inspiron Mini 10v will not boot up.

After having an issue with the sound card going out, and fixing that with a USB with a soundcard on it, my Dell wont start up.

I had the Issue for a bit, and turning it on and off over and over and over would FINALLY get it to boot, but now it is doing nothing. I hear the sounds of the computer turning on and beingon, but it stays at a black screen and the light on the left hand side goes on.

I have removed the battery, waited, put it back in then tried it.

I have removed the AC and then tried it.

I have removedthe battery and left the AC in and tried it.

I even tried turning it on with pressing the blue fn key as the same time as the power key.

Now, on occasion I will put the battery and the AC in and as soon as I plug the AC in, the light at the bottom corner turns on. I plugged my phone charger into the USB port to see if it would charge, but it wouldn't until i pushed the power button. Even thought the power light was on.

I need this computer for school, I have online classes...PLease help me find a fix, fast. Please. Thank you.


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Re: Dell Inspiron Mini 10v will not boot up.

Hi Syntax

I know that this must be frustrating, lets see if I can provide some help.


The first thing to try if possible is connecting an external display to the VGA port of the notebook and see if you are receiving an image there. 

Otherwise if you have no image on the LCD or an external monitor are any lights coming on the PC. If not, try removing the hard drive and the battery and try to power up with just the AC adapter. The following link is from the service manual and highlights instructions on removing the hard drive.


If you are getting some type of lights when you start the system is the computer giving any type of beep codes and if so what codes?

Beep Code


Failure Coverage


BIOS ROM checksum in progress or failure. BIOS Chip

Motherboard Failure or ROM Error


No RAM Detected

No Memory Detected


Chipset Error (North and South Bridge Chipset, DMA/IMR/Timer Error for Intel platform); Chipset Error

Motherboard Failure

Time-Of-Day Clock test failure.

Gate A20 Failure

Super I/O Chip Failure

Keyboard Controller Test Failure


RAM Read/Write Failure

Memory Failure


RTC Power Fail.

COMS Battery Failure


Video BIOS Test Failure

Video Card Failure


CPU Cache test failure

CPU Failure



LCD Failure


I hope that this helps


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Re: Dell Inspiron Mini 10v will not boot up.

I have a dell mini 10v with same problem, It's powered but no screen and I attached a LCD screen to it and it didnt come on either, could it be the screen, ribbon to screen or both, or is there something else, like the MB? I get no beeps when I turn it on.

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