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Dell Inspiron N5010 video board drivers


I have just bought a Dell Inspiron N5010, a model with i5 480M processor, 3Gb Ram, 300GB HDD. As I know, the video board should be an ATI Mobillity Radeo 5470 HD. The problem is that I have no idea where to get the driver for it. I tried the one on Dell's site (which they say it works for 5650, 5470 and 550v boards on windows vista/7 x32/x64). Actually, it didn't for me. Any ideas about how should i solve the problem?

P.S. In "control panel" at "device manager" section at "display adapters" it is shown Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, being "controlled" by a Microsoft Driver. At the moment, the computer has installed on it Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Also, due to the fact that the proped video driver is missing, the "sleep" mode is not working. I had a similar experience with my Tosiba Qosmio X300 but I solved it by installing the proper drivers.

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On a second look, it does come with integrated video board. Yet, I have no idea where to get the driver for it.

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The system is available with ATI video as an OPTION -- did you order the higher-end model with that option, or a base model (which has only the Intel CPU-integrated video -- no ATI)?

If you did order the ATI version, did you install the Dell notebook system software and chipset driver before you installed the video driver?

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